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Do you love bread as much as Oprah loves bread?

This is your chance to score some free bread (or anything at Loblaw-owned stores.

The company that owns The Real Canadian Superstore is giving away $25 gift cards to every adult in the country who purchased certain pre-packaged bread products at their stores before March 2015.

The company came forward and admitted that there was a price fixing scheme going on between several of the commercial bakeries and grocery stores across the country.

They are giving away the gift cards to any Canadian, above the age of majority, that purchased certain pre-packaged bread products between 2001 and 2015.

The company hasn’t revealed any specifics, but they say that customers will have to declare that they purchased the specified products during the time frame.

Registration opens on January 8, 2018, but you can click here to sign up to be notified once the site goes live

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